Send a request for recovery

Send a request for recovery

Dear colleagues,

3 July 2016, President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed new Law No. 230-FZ “On protection of the rights and legal interests of private individuals in the process of carrying out collection activities and on making amendments to the Federal Law “On microfinance activity and microfinance organisations”". The new law shall enter into force since 1 January 2017.

The law contains new requirements for collection organisations and new provisions on the rights and obligations of collection agencies. In particular, it introduces state regulation of the collection market – all collection agencies have to be included in the state register, subject to meeting the requirements for net assets, presence of professional liability insurance, provision of information on their founders, managers and employees, etc.

Besides, material limitations are imposed on the number of contacts with debtors: personal meetings no more than 1 time a week, telephone calls no more than 1 time a day, 2 times a week, 8 times a month. On top of that, the law restricts communication with debtors officially recognized as bankrupts, incapable, disabled persons of group I, and those who receive treatment in hospital. Debtors are granted the right to completely forgo communication with the lender or collectors 4 months after becoming overdue. 

It is totally forbidden to carry out any collection activities from abroad (any activities: phone calls, SMS, messages, etc.)

You can use this form to send information on the necessity of agency services to collect debts or on selling debt portfolios in Russia. 

It will be put up on the Association’s internal closed forum, accessed by approximately 200 managers and specialists from NAPCA debt collection agencies. Members of the Association account for over 90% of the volume of the Russian collection market.

Your advertisement will be seen by professional collectors from different regions of Russia.