NAPCA members advantages

NAPCA members advantages

Major lenders, such as Sberbank and other top-ranking banks, as well as microfinancing leaders, have already declared that they are going to deal only with NAPCA members.

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In the current challenging macroeconomic situation in Russia, characterized by general liquidity crisis, payment delays, reduction of expenses for non-core operations, it is important to have reliable partners whose activity will help your business to gain balance and confidence.

In March 2015, Sberbank of Russia made NAPCA membership a mandatory tender requirement for debt collection agencies. In summer 2015, self-regulatory organisation Mir, the largest self-regulatory organization in the microlender market, recommended its members to work in the field of collection only with NAPCA members.  

This is explained by the fact that NAPCA debt collection agencies have a number of prominent advantages:

1. NAPCA members are selected by their business reputation, experience and expertise.

Joining the Association is not a formal procedure, it is not sufficient to submit the right documents and pay the membership fee. It is necessary to successfully pass business reputation monitoring, an interview with the NAPCA Council and confirm utilization of methods and technologies ensuring compliance with collection standards.

2. Members of the Association operate in strict compliance with the legislation, professional and ethical standards.  

NAPCA initiated development and signing of the Code of Ethics establishing the key principles of respectful and ethical interaction with debtors. NAPCA is the only organization that is keen on standardization of DCA operation, prepares and disseminates standards of agency and debt sale contracts to ensure mutually beneficial cooperation of lenders and collectors.  

3. NAPCA is the only association that controls methods of DCA work.

NAPCA has a Control Committee that controls handling complaints and submissions from private individuals and tracks their statistics. Association members bear disciplinary liability if any violations are detected. Internal codes of practice and rules for employees are also checked.

Download file here The Code of Ethics NAPCA  

4. NAPCA actively cooperates with government bodies and potential market regulators.

NAPCA members have the most complete and up-to-date information on legislative and regulatory requirements, and successfully pass controlling bodies’ audits.

5. NAPCA companies have access to Russian and international best practice and technology in the field of collection. 

NAPCA represents Russia in the Federation of European National Collection Associations (FENCA) and has meetings with foreign colleagues on an annual basis, sharing statistics and technology.

The Association regularly holds educational workshops and round tables, allowing company specialists to raise their competence, share experience, familiarize themselves with new technologies and their providers.