About Association

About association

NAPCA is a major professional association of the Russian collection industry. It comprises about 40 debt collection agencies committed to formation of a civilized collection market in Russia, strict compliance with the legislation and collection ethics.

NAPCA is a major professional association of the Russian collection industry

The Association was set up 10 August 2007 upon the initiative of three leading collection companies: National Recovery Service LLC (formerly Pristav Collection Agency), Sequoia Credit Consolidation CJSC and Financial Debt Collection Agency Ltd. (FASP), with the participation of Association of Regional Banks of Russia (Association “Russia”).
At present, NAPCA brings together more than 30 leading companies that account for over 90% of the collection market. The Association comprises both Russian and international agencies that operate not only in Russia, but in the European and Asian markets as well. 

According to different estimates, there are 600 to 1000 debt collection agencies operating in Russia nowadays. Besides, debts are recovered by creditors themselves – i.e. by internal business units of banks and microlenders. NAPCA represents the most professional, civilised and controlled part of this underregulated market.

NAPCA mission is to promote civilised collection market for the purpose of increasing availability of financial services and protecting consumer rights.

NAPCA is a non-profit organisation that brings together on a voluntary basis companies that are committed to adherence to international and industry standards and are willing to foster market development. All NAPCA members operate in strict compliance with the RF legislation and have signed and are observing the Code of Ethics based on international collection standards.

In the absence of state regulation of the industry, the Association actually acts as the key regulator and developer of standards, in spite of the fact that it pools together just a small number of market players. Nowadays, an overwhelming majority of banks carry out collections on the basis of agency and/or debt sale agreements in accordance with NAPCA standards.

Besides, NAPCA is the only professional association in the market that controls its members’ methods of work, receives submissions from consumers and has the most professional and consistent statistics on complaints against debt collection agencies. NAPCA members violating the Association rules bear disciplinary liability.

NAPCA is a promoter of the international best practice in the field of regulation of the collections market and the standards of collectors’ work, because it is the only association that represents Russia in the Federation of European National Collection Associations (FENCA).

The Association strongly supports initiatives for state regulation of the collection industry, participating in the law-making activity and preparation of the government bill “On protection of private individuals in the process of collection activities”.

In the nearest future, the Association is planning to get the status of a self-regulatory organization that will expand its capabilities for implementation of professional collection standards among market players.